Women Pushing Web3 To The Limit

8 min readMar 31, 2023

Web3 has taken off in recent years with mass adoption front and center. Despite this, only 5% of cryptocurrency companies were founded by women. 50% of the global population remains underrepresented.

For Web3 to reach 1 billion users, it’s important for the industry to become inclusive and open to all people.

We’ve interviewed select women who are taking Web3 to the next level. Get to know them and their insights on the space.

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Dani Rogacion

Dani is the founder and CEO of Overdrive Creative Studios, a SouthEast Asian E-Sports and Gaming studio. She concurrently works as the Brand Director of Metasports, a Web2 and Web3 IP house.

Over the years, Dani has collaborated with the biggest brands in the E-Sports and Web3 industry — Axie, AcadArena, GrabFood, and Lenovo among others.

If you could go back 3 years in time, what advice would you tell yourself?

I see myself living life right now (finally), with almost every aspect of my life getting better. To 3 years ago Dani — it gets better and easier, as long as you keep and live your truth.

Where do you see yourself in Web3, 5 years from now?

Building and Building.

What’s the greatest challenge for Web3 to achieve mass adoption?

I see the industry that keeps on using jargon and is intimidating for the non-believer. We need more inclusive terms and how we describe things. It’s so easy to sift through the projects that’s just full of it. Jargons.

In our case, we focus on gaming specifically and we should treat it as such. Gaming.

Which Web3 Builder are you most fond of and why?

I’m fond of following the journeys of my friends and partners 0xNasa + Rwargl et. al as they have been non-stop with the ideas, and knowing we’re aligned with our values and beliefs. Only a matter of time before the right group of people believe in us as well.

A message for all Web3 women

To all the female-identifying people in web3, I hope we can all build towards a space that includes ALL women. Let Web3 become that safe space.

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Pichapen Sorum

Pichapen is the Chief Marketing Officer of Cryptopia, a blockchain metaverse game. She also holds founding positions in ​​XPerspectiveXP and Techbabeasia, a women-focused media company and community, respectively.

Like many in the Web3 industry, Pichapen created an alternate identity called 0xgamer888, where she streams on Twitch to document her journey in the blockchain gaming world.

If you could go back 3 years in time, what advice would you tell yourself?

If I could go back 3 years, I would tell myself to be prepared for the rapid advancements and changes in the web 3 space. Embrace the volatility and uncertainty, as they are just part of the process.

Continue learning and growing, be bold and take calculated risks in new and innovative projects. Collaboration is key, so build strong relationships and foster a supportive community. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of finding good mentors who can guide and inspire you throughout your journey in the web 3 ecosystem.

Where do you see yourself in Web3, 5 years from now?

In 5 years, I envision myself as a prominent thought leader within the Web3 domain.

My aspirations include actively participating in creating and triumphing innovative projects that facilitate the global acceptance of decentralized technologies. Perhaps also becoming a mentor and motivator for the upcoming generation of Web3 enthusiasts and help guide them through the intricate and constantly changing world of Web3.

What’s the greatest challenge for Web3 to achieve mass adoption?

The greatest challenge for Web3 to achieve mass adoption is bridging the knowledge gap and addressing the technical complexities associated with technologies.

It can be intimidating for new participants. I think we can do more in terms of improving user interfaces, enhancing security, and offering education to make web 3 more accessible and understandable to a broader audience.

Which Web3 Builder are you most fond of and why?

There are actually many builders whom I’m fond of, among those are Frank Bonnet and Peter Ing.

Frank Bonnet is the Founder and Lead Developer of Cryptopia, a unique blockchain RPG Tycoon game built on top of a secure crypto wallet for a frictionless gaming experience — which I work as CMO for. Frank’s expertise in blockchain development and business acumen has played an instrumental role in the growth of Cryptopia. His dedication to advancing the web 3 landscape has been a source of inspiration for me.

Similarly, Peter Ing’s dedication to the growth of NFT gaming globally, along with his fintech and remittance expertise, has significantly impacted the web 3 industry.

Both Frank and Peter have contributed immensely to my career growth and understanding of the web 3 ecosystem.

A message for all Web3 women

To all women in, or yet to be in web 3, remember that your perspectives, skills, and creativity are and will be invaluable assets in this space. Don’t hesitate to voice your opinions, seek mentorship, and contribute to the ongoing conversations. Together, we can break down barriers, foster a more inclusive and diverse environment, and drive the industry toward new heights.

Web 3 technology provides opportunities for women to be and do more, so don’t be afraid and don’t feel intimidated. Embrace your unique qualities and be fearless in pursuing your passions in the world of web 3. The time is now.

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Janina Manipol

Janina is one of the top content creators in the Philippines, and is one of the first builders in Web3 in the creator industry. Prior to her entry into the Web3, Janina made a name for herself as a model, film director, and business owner.

Through her video production company Maldavar Films, she has served global brands such as Johnny Walker and AirAsia.

If you could go back 3 years in time, what advice would you tell yourself?

​If I could go back 3 years in time, I would tell myself to start learning about Web3 and blockchain technology earlier. It’s a rapidly evolving industry, and the earlier you start learning and experimenting, the more opportunities you can create for yourself.

Where do you see yourself in Web3, 5 years from now?

In five years, I see myself as an established leader in the Web3 space, working on projects that leverage the technology to create positive impact and value for society.

I would love to continue to explore the intersection between creativity and technology, using Web3 to create immersive experiences and new forms of storytelling.

What’s the greatest challenge for Web3 to achieve mass adoption?

I believe the greatest challenge for Web3 to achieve mass adoption is education and accessibility. Blockchain technology is still relatively new and complex for many people, and there is a significant knowledge gap that needs to be bridged.

Additionally, many of the current Web3 applications and platforms are not user-friendly and require a certain level of technical expertise to navigate. As the industry continues to mature, it’s crucial that we prioritize education and user experience to make Web3 more accessible and approachable for everyone.

Which Web3 Builder are you most fond of and why?

I’m most fond of the Ethereum ecosystem and its community of builders. Ethereum has been instrumental in driving innovation in the Web3 space, and its open- source, decentralized approach aligns with my values of transparency and collaboration. I’m particularly interested in projects that are exploring the intersection of art and blockchain, such as NFTs and decentralized marketplaces.

A message for all Web3 women

To all women in Web3: don’t be afraid to take up space and make your voice be heard. Try not to be intimidated by the technology. Each of us has unique perspectives and skills that are valuable assets in shaping the future of Web3.

I encourage everyone to explore, learn, and experiment with the technology, and to collaborate with other women in the space as well. And as we navigate this constantly evolving world, let us always remember to support and uplift one another and keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Khat is the co-founder of Filipinas NFT, a community of women in Web3 creators, artists, and collectors. Alongside this, she acts as the Digital Marketing Head of Scarletbox, Asia’s Bluechip Art NFT Launchpad.

Outside of her Web3 work, Khat works as a freelance graphic designer.

If you could go back 3 years in time, what advice would you tell yourself?

I would tell her not to settle. It’s never too late to learn new things or ways to innovate yourself. It’s a scary thought, change, but she needs to embrace it!

Where do you see yourself in Web3, 5 years from now?

I would love to be able to continue the advocacy of Filipinas NFT wherever I may be 5 years from now — I’d love to be able to champion more artists IRL and URL, whether here in the Philippines or abroad.

What’s the greatest challenge for Web3 to achieve mass adoption?

I guess it is that people are not open to change! I say this because I had this mindset before too, I was very complacent that what I knew then was enough for me to survive life na ‘sakto lang’. Second would be the drive to educate the people to embrace this new space.

Which Web3 Builder are you most fond of and why?

The Filipino Web3 Builders who are still here today! I am inspired by their drive to bring web3 space to more Filipinos. I’m glad I still get to see them in Twitter spaces or IRL events, and I am at awe with their drive to still continue building despite the volatile market conditions.

A message for all Web3 women

Please don’t be afraid to speak your truth! Don’t be afraid to learn something new. ❤

In Web3, there is no limit to what we can discover as long as we have the drive to keep on learning. Don’t be afraid to ask questions too — a lot of the people in Web3 here in the Philippines are very approachable and able to help you out.

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