Unlock the Newest Features in YEY Version 1.3: Fan Leaderboards, New Shiny Campaigns, In-Depth Stats, and more

5 min readMar 5, 2024


Curious about our recent video teasers? Dive into the latest innovations in our socialfi flagship platform, YEY! Missed our last update? Catch up on YEY v1.2 here.

BlockchainSpace proudly presents the latest advancements in YEY version 1.3. This update, building on the success of its predecessor, introduces new features to empower creators and community owners, enhancing community growth, retention, and engagement.

🆕 Engage and Reward Your Community Your Way

Engaging your community members just got more exciting with the introduction of four new engaging campaign types on YEY:

  • 🎁 Collectibles: Reward your community with unique and exclusive Shinys, available for a limited time. Drive excitement and exclusivity among your members with collectible campaigns.
  • 📍 POAPs (Proof of Attendance and Participation): Recognize and reward member participation in community events, campaigns, or activities with POAP Shinys. Encourage engagement and foster a sense of belonging within your community.
  • 📊 Polls: Give your members a voice through polls. Each poll option they select becomes a Shiny they can add to their collection. Spark conversations and gather valuable insights while rewarding participation.
  • 🎰 Gacha: Add an element of surprise and delight with luck-based redemption experiences. Every roll unveils a Shiny, keeping your members engaged and eager to participate in Gacha campaigns.

These options allow Community Owners to experiment and innovate, supercharging community growth and activity. Try them out now.

Quick Guide to YEY Campaign Types

To make it easier for you to understand and decide on which campaign type to choose, use this handy cheat sheet for a quick overview of each campaign type and its key features:

YEY by BlockchainSpace — App Improvements

🚀 Streamlined Campaign Creation

Crafting campaigns in YEY version 1.3 has never been smoother, thanks to UI/UX improvements and updated features designed to enhance your experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Custom Collections: Organize your Shinys into collections for better management and display.
  • Flexible Campaign Timelines: Set specific durations for Shiny claims, allowing for precise campaign control.
  • Supply and Claim Limits: Define the total number of Shinys and set per-user claim limits to ensure fair distribution.
  • Diverse Distribution Triggers: Whether it’s scanning QR codes during events or automating distributions once users log in to YEY, you now have the flexibility to choose the most suitable distribution for your campaign.
  • Easier Campaign Adjustments: Edit campaign details, extend durations, and add Shinys even after launch.

🔍 Dashboards for Community Insights

The enhanced YEY dashboard UI tracks a community’s activity and growth for better decision-making and community management. Key updates include:

  • Community Statistics: Gain insights into your community’s performance with comprehensive stats for nurturing growth and making informed decisions.
  • Fan/Member Leaderboards: Easily identify and celebrate superfans, encouraging loyalty and active participation in your web2 or web3 community. such as your most active members, top Shiny collectors, number of Shinys minted, and more.
  • Offline Metrics: Extend your engagement strategies beyond the platform with downloadable information, supporting community reengagement and retention efforts.

Aspen Sanez, Head of Marketing and Philippine Country Manager, emphasizes the impact of these enhancements, stating, “Our goal with YEY 1.3 is to empower creators and community owners with actionable insights and streamlined management tools, enabling them to build thriving communities with ease.”

🚪 Easier Signup and Login Process

YEY v1.3 makes it easier for users, fans and community owners alike, to get started on YEY.

  • Email First Approach: At our community’s request, the YEY login screen now prioritizes email authentication, making it quicker and more straightforward for users to sign in and get started.
  • Login or Sign Up with X — By popular demand, communities, and users can now use YEY with a one-click login or sign up through X (formerly Twitter), seamlessly bridging social and YEY experiences.

️➡️ Sign up now: Try out YEY v1.3 here.

Looking Ahead: The Journey Continues

As we celebrate the launch of YEY version 1.3, we already envision the future.

Each feature and improvement in this update is a building block for a journey of relentless innovation and discovery. We’re committed to evolving with our community, ensuring every update enriches your experience and empowers you to grow and engage your community like never before.

“YEY version 1.3 is more than an update; it’s a stepping stone towards a future where community engagement and growth know no bounds. We’re not just building features; we’re crafting a legacy of empowered communities, driven by the limitless potential of web3.” — Peter Ing, Founder and CEO of BlockchainSpace

Are you a Community Owner interested try out YEY? Reach out to the team for a pre-alpha code.

Want to claim your first Shiny? Sign up now and follow us on socials to see our running campaigns!✨

Check out our release notes for a comprehensive list of the technical upgrades in YEY V1.3. Do you have questions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us at hello@yey.tech.

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