$GUILD’s Upcoming IDO Fair Launch (Dec 8–11): Introduction to Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool

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Just as a guild is nothing without its members, BlockchainSpace wouldn’t have made it this far without our community. We believe in fair distribution with you at its core, and that token offerings shouldn’t be races or competitions where individuals who can afford the highest gas fees necessarily have an edge over everyone else. With this in mind, we will be conducting the IDO for $GUILD through a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (BLBP) on Copper Launch, on the 8th December 13:00 UTC to 11th December 13:00 UTC.

In this post, we’ll cover the basic points that you need to know ahead of the BLBP, particularly how this will differ from offerings that you may have encountered in the past, so you’ll be prepared to take part in a fair token launch for $GUILD.

Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools Are All About Fairness

In short, a BLBP places a project’s community first and allows those participating in the sale to determine a fair price for the token. This format disincentivizes front-running from bots and whales, since the tokens start off at a high price and its price is designed to decline steadily during the duration of the sale. We’ll cover more about this later in the article.

There’s no need to purchase launchpool-specific tokens, and you can invest any amount you want, with no minimum allocation. However, residents in the United States of America and the Philippines are (unfortunately) excluded from participation.

Tokens offered through BLBPs are immediately tradable, so the process facilitates true price discovery based on investor demand and interaction while the pool is open.

Copper’s Take on BLBPs

Copper operates Token Launch Auctions (TLAs), which are a particular type of BLBP. This method of releasing tokens for sale removes middlemen and geographical limitations. Investors with deep pockets and modest means stand on equal footing in terms of access to these tokens. This equalizes the opportunity to acquire stakes in extremely early stages of promising projects.

In summary, BLBPs on Copper are open, transparent, and user-friendly.

With Copper, the default position is that the price of a token decays over time when the pool is open, following a predefined downwards trending trajectory. However, if the demand for the tokens is high, the price of the tokens gets bidded up by the auction’s participants, hence counteracting the decay by shoring up the price, slowing down the token’s deterioration in value.

At the moment, Copper supports MetaMask, WalletConnect, Gnosis Safe, and Ledger.

For a full description and explanation of Copper’s TLAs, you can check out the relevant documentation.

Overview of $GUILD’s Sale Process

When the pool is open on Copper, we will not be able to moderate the sale or anticipate demand. We cannot predict the exact outcome of this offering. The results — and the price of $GUILD — depends on the entire community’s interactions with the BLBP, including the timing of purchases as well as volume.

As mentioned earlier, the price of $GUILD is systematically set to decrease over time, due to changes in the pool weight. However, this may be counteracted by the purchase of $GUILD, which changes the pool weights due to buying pressure.

We suggest that you visit Copper’s full documentation to develop a deeper familiarity with the design of Copper’s BLBPs. You should determine an investment strategy that fits your needs.

Exclusive BlockchainSpace Founders NFTs

We believe in rewarding community members that have consistently supported the play-to-earn industry. Our BlockchainSpace Founders NFTs reward these visionaries. Over the last few months, 2,500+ play-to-earn guilds have been using BlockchainSpace’s tools, which entitles them to early adopter rewards.

During the BLBP sale, top contributors will also receive these NFTs.

BlockchainSpace Founders NFTs will be distributed to you if you meet these criteria:

· Top 50 contributors will receive two exclusive Founders NFTs

· 51–100 ranked contributors will receive one exclusive Founders NFT

We will also have a “Leaderboard” on the BlockchainSpace website that will track top contributors in real time.
Please note that participants should have interacted with the BLBP contracts from their respective wallet and should still hold $GUILD tokens at the end of the BLBP in that same wallet.

The NFTs will be issued at a later date. Founders NFTs will guarantee perks to the BlockchainSpace ecosystem. More details will be released soon.

Catch Up on Our $GUILD Token

We have shared the token utility and value accrual to the $GUILD token in a previous Medium post. BlockchainSpace is creating the tools that will make it possible to operate play-to-earn blockchain gaming guilds with ease. We will also be aggregating an immense amount of valuable data and information, and quickly becoming the de facto “oracle” for guild data worldwide.

You can also refer to our one-pager for a summary of what we do.

This offering is an important step forward for BlockchainSpace. A token sale of this type leads to true community ownership and governance, aligning with BlockchainSpace’s objective to establish a DAO with $GUILD as a prerequisite for participation. We’re excited to deliver $GUILD to our community in the fairest way possible.

More information about the token sale will be released here on Medium and via our social channels soon, so keep an eye out for our next posts!

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