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3 min readDec 6, 2022

The emergence of online communities, like gaming guilds, has been instrumental in Web3 adoption. These “digitally native Web3 businesses” created opportunities for entrepreneurship and financial stability for countless communities worldwide.

“Cryptocurrency adoption wouldn’t have reached the level it has today if not for the guild owners and managers who took the initiative to help aspiring Web3 users to enter and thrive in the space,” said BlockchainSpace CEO and Founder Peter Ing, whose company strongly advocates guild growth through tooling, financing, networking, and now, with Guild Hub.

Peter Ing at his Keynote on Guild Infrastructure at the Philippine Web3 Festival

“We understand that guilds will play an important role in the proliferation of Web3, they’re going to be the one who’ll educate, and onboard people into Web3. This is not just happening in the Philippines, this is happening globally.”

Despite their crucial role in wider crypto adoption, guilds have yet to find a way to legitimize their businesses, hindering them from accessing more opportunities and further growth.

Jen Bilango, Guild Hub General Manager, introduces the BlockchainSpace flagship product at #PHWeb3Fest

The launch of Guild Hub marks the beginning of a new era for guilds. As we at BlockchainSpace work to help Web3 businesses gain legitimacy, they’ll be able to enjoy business opportunities that will impact not only their members but also communities outside the metaverse. It aims to solve this issue of business legitimacy, guaranteeing a more effective way of safeguarding the community and ensuring that all guilds are accounted for and safe to partner with.

LLGMobius Founder, Lucas Low, and MVP CEO, Gerb Inajada, at the Guild Hub media launch, talking about the potential of guilds as well as the issues they face.

“We understand the hesitation of traditional institutions to see us as legitimate businesses given that Web3 communities are relatively new entities. But, we have to make a collective effort in weeding out the ‘bad actors’ to change the perception of guilds and build credibility, which we can’t do alone,” said LLGMobius Founder Lucas Low.

What is Guild Hub

Guild Hub by BlockchainSpace is a universal and interoperable identity solution that helps Web3 communities like guilds reach their fullest potential and ensure long-term sustainability for their businesses.

With their issued “Guild Profiles”, guilds will have access to:

  • Guild management systems
  • Dashboards and analytics
  • Research reports
  • Exclusive events

…and much, much more!

Games will also be able to determine which verified guilds to partner with through Guild Hub, while players can find out which communities to connect with, resulting in effective and efficient product and service discovery and scalable community engagement.

Guild Hub will house all of BlockchainSpace’s products and services on one platform, including:

  • Services for games to determine which guilds to partner with
  • Tools for players to find their ideal community
  • Tech to ensure all guild partnerships are safe and secure

This is an additional milestone in our roadmap to build infrastructure, which includes technology solutions for Asset Management, Wallet Technology, Identity and Reputation Systems for Guilds, the next digitally native businesses of Web3, and the communities that will drive Web3 adoption.

Sign up for alpha access at!

About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace is the one-stop-shop for all guild needs that provides essential, scalable infrastructure, digital tools, financing solutions, and networking opportunities. To date, they are enabling over 24,000 Guilds and 2 million players to scale in the Metaverse, successfully managing and growing their communities.

BlockchainSpace is one of the hosts of the inaugural Philippine Web3 Festival, the first and biggest celebration of its kind in the epicenter of web3 adoption — the Philippines.

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