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BlockchainSpace’s $GUILD token will act as the transactional layer between all Play-To-Earn Guilds worldwide

The native token of the BlockchainSpace ecosystem

Here at BlockchainSpace, we like to say that guilds are the managers of the metaverse. If you’ve ever been part of an MMORPG, then you already know what we mean — your clan, community, or faction might start out as a group of friends who go on adventures and explore new worlds together. But as the organization grows, day-to-day operations carry extra dimensions of complexity. Guilds may issue loans, offer sponsorships, and even coordinate payouts from regular lotteries and prize pools.

That means the leadership of guilds in any massive virtual environment needs to keep track of assets, cashflows, revenues, and expenditures, often divided into multiple budgets. Running a guild is very much like running a business, and that requires the right tools for the job. For instance Yield Guild Games (YGG), one of the largest blockchain guilds in the market, has over US$845 million in their treasury as of the end September 2021.

BlockchainSpace builds those tools to empower play-to-earn communities, including financing solutions that guild leaders can extend to members. The $GUILD token is the backbone of our offerings.

Value Accrual for $GUILD

$GUILD is used for community governance and as a utility token. It will play an integral role in the BlockchainSpace ecosystem by interacting with several types of transactions, in turn demonstrating its usefulness:

(1) Loan disbursement commission
(2) CRM cash-out commission
(3) Scholarship management fee
(4) Token-granted SaaS features
(5) Inter guild transactions
(6) Esports tournament fees

(1) $GUILD is used for fee payment when BlockchainSpace automates credit disbursement to players and guilds, charging commission from the loans. We facilitate credit risk assessment and then distribute these loans. The upside for guild operators is clear here — an automated function reduces the administrative work normally performed by humans, giving you more time to focus on playing the game, interacting with fellow players, plotting your next big in-game move, and generally having fun.

(2) Similarly, $GUILD is also used for fee payment in the context of CRM cash-out commission. CRM, or customer relationship management, involves monitoring players within a guild and measuring their performance to track overall guild efficiency and achievements. When guild operators use our tools to carry out certain payroll functions, such as paying out Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) in Axie Infinity to members, BlockchainSpace charges commission in the form of $GUILD.

(3) Scholarship management fees that are paid by investors who entrust player management over to BlockchainSpace’s Axie Academy will also be paid in $GUILD. At the moment, the Axie Academy manages over 500 players .

(4) $GUILD holders can lock up the token to receive premium dashboard access. This token-granted feature will be particularly useful for guilds that have scaled and require an edge to manage operations, ensuring a pleasant, efficient, and economically sound gaming experience that in turn recruits even more players to join the guilds.

(5) The $GUILD token will be the default token for all transactions within the BlockchainSpace ecosystem. That means all transactions that BlockchainSpace performs with guilds will always be in $GUILD, and any two guilds that transact with each other for any purpose may also utilize the token as their preferred asset for financial dealings.

(6) Finally, for those who have a competitive streak, $GUILD can be used as entry fees for e-sports tournaments that are part of the Lunacian Scholarship League. There are currently over 200 guilds participating in this league. Prizes may also be distributed in $GUILD.

The Benefits of Holding $GUILD

As you can see, $GUILD plays multiple roles in the BlockchainSpace ecosystem, and its benefits can be described to fall into three categories:

1. Ecosystem Value Accrual
2. Protocol Value Accrual
3. Token Holder Benefits

1. Ecosystem Value Accrual

$GUILD will be used for:
● DAO participation;
● Community Rewards;
● Allocation towards ecosystem partners (e.g., education, partnerships, integrations, etc.) as grants;
● Inter-guild investments;
● Esports tournament prizes.

2. Protocol Value Accrual

$GUILD will be used for:
● Loan Referrals;
● CRM Cashout Commissions;
● Scholarship Management;
● Advertising sales;
● Token-granted SaaS features;
● Inter-guild transactions;
● Esports tournament fees.

3. Token holder benefits

$GUILD holders:
● can get exposure to over 2,100 guilds (as of Nov 23, 2021);
● are eligible to join the DAO with further financial perks;
● receive discounted access to BlockchainSpace tooling;
● receive discounted access to play-to-earn guild Activities;
● receive NFT drops and exclusive content from partners.

Detailed Tokenomics

There will be a total supply of 1 billion $GUILD. This amount will be fixed, with no additions or removal in the future.

This graphic shows the token allocation, release schedule, and vesting schedule.

$GUILD and the Future of Guild Management

BlockchainSpace is creating the tools that will make it possible to operate play-to-earn blockchain gaming guilds with ease. Treasuries, budgets, payroll, accounting — all of these and more can be managed by using our features. $GUILD makes our ecosystem more robust and gives our community members a vote to steer the evolution of BlockchainSpace. It will be a vital token in the metaverse as more players join the play-to-earn movement.

About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace enables play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse. We build tools to empower gaming communities and run academies to identify economic opportunities in games. Our aim is to embolden the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential digital tools and financing to scale.

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BlockchainSpace enables PlayToEarn Guilds to scale in the Metaverse