CabsyCon 2022: The Axie Homecoming

3 min readOct 27, 2022
1134 players, from 76 guilds battle it out for 12 hours to claim the grand prize.

We made history! BlockchainSpace, in collaboration with Axie Infinity Philippines, organized the biggest-ever Axie Infinity community meetup in the Philippines last October 22 in Cabanatuan, the symbolic birthplace of Axie Infinity as the hit game we know now.

The Largest LAN Axie Infinity Competition in the Axie Esports Scene

With 3030 axies at stake, 146 players from 76 guilds battled it out to claim the grand prize. 12 hours of grueling and competitive battles took place, with only one player emerging as the great victor.

The competition attracted players from all over the country, with players coming from as far as Bicol and Cebu. Moreover, international players also flew in from Singapore, South Korea, and even the USA.

Method Meta Guild’s Chan was crowned the victor, taking home the grand prize in a 7-game Final nail-biter! BlockchainSpace’s very own Axie pro-player, Kapitan, representing Axie Academy, took 2nd place.

The Top 8 players of the Cabsycon Tournament! Chan from MMG (middle, grey shirt) won 1st place. Axie Academy’s Kapitan (white and black jersey) bagged 2nd place.

Over 800 people enjoyed the whole day event in SM City Cabanatuan, watching the exciting matches and learning from talks from Axie OGs like Spraky, Kookoo, Nix Iniego, and Leah Callon Butler. These local early web3 adopters shared their collective experiences on how Axie Infinity changed their lives. Numerous freebies, including shirts, hoodies, and even tickets to the upcoming Philippine Web3 Festival, were given away to the delighted crowd.

SM Cabanatuan’s cinema was filled to the brim!
Fireside chat with Axie OG’s! From left to right, Jen from BlockchainSpace, Kookoo, Nix Eniego from Axie Infinity PH, Lucas Low from LLG, Spraky from AxU and YGG, and Reign from MVP.

Axie Infinity Never Forgets

Jen, GM of Guildhub and Carlo, BSPC Growth Lead, gives foodpacks to storm-stricken families

After the event, BlockchainSpace, together with Axie University and Yield Guild Games representatives, gave free food packs to storm-stricken barangays in Cabanatuan.

The event organizers held a donation drive to support families affected by the recent super-typhoon, Karding, in line with Axie Infinity’s primary mission — uplifting people’s lives through proactive community building. 350 food packs were donated to families residing in Brgy. Ibabao, Bana, and Caudillo.

This Cabanatuan Community Meetup and Donation Drive were successful, thanks to our partners and sponsors: Axie Infinity, Axie Infinity Philippines, Limitless Guild, Lootbox, LevelUp Gaming Guild, UnionDigital Bank, Community Gaming, Axie University, and Community Gaming.

Axie Infinity Never Forgets! BSPC and members from Axie University and YGG give free food packs to storm-stricken barangays in Cabanatuan

#CabsyCon2022 reignited the flames of Axie Infinity gaming right in the heart of its adoption, the place where it all began. We are very moved and delighted to see hundreds of people showcasing their love and passion for blockchain gaming. It shows that even in market uncertainty, the local Axie Infinity larger GameFi community is still thriving and looking out for each other. WAGMI!

We at BlockchainSpace look forward to staging more of these kinds of events, even at a much larger scale, so that we can continue to foster community engagement and build bridges between games, players, and guilds all over the country. We are definitely setting our sights on going global in the future, so stay tuned for updates on where we’re heading next!

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