2022 POCs and What’s Next for BlockchainSpace

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Empowering creators and guilds to support the transition to a Web3 future.

BlockchainSpace, the world’s largest hub for play-to-earn and creator communities, has had a banner year in 2022. With our commitment to putting the community first, we have forged partnerships and collaborations that brought us closer to our mission. According to Matt Dy Juanco, Senior Business Development Manager at BlockchainSpace, highlights from 2022 include an impressive roster of new partners across the Web3 space, the Philippine Web3 Festival, the introduction of the Creator Circle and Guild Partner Program, and much, much more.

In 2022, we teamed up with over 60 partners, demonstrating the depth and diversity of our collaborations. These partnerships played a vital role in BSPC’s success by enabling us to get user feedback, understand guild needs, and keep our ear to the ground. These collaborations helped identify challenges like scaling and automating processes, such as Discord bots and one-click solutions for the disbursement of earnings, especially for popular games like Axie Infinity. By vetting games with solid tokenomics models, BSPC ensured the quality of the gaming experiences offered to more than 26,000 guilds and 4 million gamers.

When asked about the importance of these partnerships, Matt said, “An essential aspect of our collaborations is to understand the needs of guilds and communities. This understanding allows us to develop solutions that facilitate the transition from Web2 to Web3, empowering these groups to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

The Philippine Web3 Festival, held in November 2022, marked a significant milestone for the company. Co-hosted with Yield Guild Games (YGG) and featuring top industry names like Animoca Brands, Binance, Solana, The Sandbox, and many more, the festival made international caliber events accessible to the local Filipino community. BSPC’s smaller roadshows across provinces culminated in this grand event, introducing the Philippines to the world and vice versa.

BSPC’s long-term vision encompasses regional and global expansion, seeking to replicate its success across Southeast Asia and extend its reach to countries like Turkey, Brazil, and various African nations. To achieve this, BSPC is committed to understanding the unique dynamics, preferences, and challenges of different markets. By analyzing and adapting to these nuances, we can tailor our strategies and offerings to ensure optimal impact in each region. This approach positions BSPC as a global leader in the industry as we continuously refine and innovate our solutions in response to the ever-evolving needs of diverse markets.

In 2023, BSPC plans to leverage the Creator Circle and Guild Partner Program to unite communities, share success stories, and build on each other. These programs will empower a broader range of communities to improve and grow together. by offering access to tools and resources.

Matt went on to say, “Our strong community-driven DNA has been a fundamental aspect of our company since its inception and will continue to drive our success moving forward. By actively engaging with our users, we can gain valuable insights into their challenges and develop effective solutions that truly make a difference. This mindset, coupled with our access to diverse communities, enables us to consistently deliver value to our partners.”

With over 20 POCs in 2022 across over 60 game partners, BSPC has demonstrated its commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration. By emphasizing the “community first” aspect and avoiding unnecessary monetization, BSPC has become a trusted partner for brands and the gaming industry alike. With our positive track record in 2022 and exciting plans for the future, BSPC is poised to revolutionize blockchain gaming and creator communities on a global scale.

If you are ready to elevate your community and unlock unprecedented opportunities in the Web3 world, don’t miss your chance to collaborate with BSPC. Join us today and become a catalyst for change as we forge the future of Web3 communities together! Visit our website to take the first step toward transforming your community’s grandest potential into reality.

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