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BlockchainSpace has been an education hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency in the Philippines since 2018. Our goal has been to teach communities how to benefit from this new wave of technology and to empower local talent to use it.

Blockchain games has been an amazing platform for beginners to get into crypto and Axie Infinity ( has been leading this revolution! Not only do you get to play a fun game with cute characters , you can now support livelihood from just playing and become a stakeholder!

Some players that farm SLP (Small Love Potion — Axie’s in-game rewards token) earn upto SLP7,500 per month which is equivalent to $225. (at today’s SLP-USD rate).

Axie Academy is a scholarship program to allow individuals to play Axie Infinity to play the game and benefit from in-game rewards, without any investment. At the time of writing, a competitive team that allows you to compete for rewards will set you back ETH 0.45 ($280). At Axie Academy we provide the teams, the training and the know-how so when you pick up a team you can start earning rewards right away!

If you haven’t read this article already we highly recommend taking a moment to read this article. This article highlights how a single Axie Infinity player supported the livelihood of his family by playing Axie and taught his family, friends and eventually whole neighborhood in Cabanatuan City, how to do the same:

We hope you find this inspiring. We’re here to empower you and send you on the same journey!

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