BlockchainSpace’s 2024 Vision: Pioneering Web3 Integration and Expanding into the Creator Economy

3 min readFeb 7, 2024

A recent AMA session featuring BlockchainSpace CEO Peter Ing, Chief Finance Officer Lilian Teo, MetaSports Co-Founder and CEO Joe Josue, and Head of Marketing Aspen Sanez provided an in-depth look into the company’s direction and moves planned for 2024.

This recap highlights the key points discussed during the AMA. It focuses on BlockchainSpace’s expanded initiatives into new community verticals and the company’s revamped tokenomics, which reflect a significant shift in its approach to digital asset management and community engagement.

CEO and Founder Peter Ing’s insights reveal the depth of our explorations and deliberate actions to engage diverse communities and creators. “At the end of 2023, we started running a lot of POCs and different activations to test what kind works,” Peter noted, highlighting the company’s efforts in onboarding and collaborating with various kinds of communities.

This exploration spanned a broad spectrum, from partnering with telecom giants like Smart Communications to engaging with content creators and the fervent Kpop fan bases in the Philippines.

Through these grassroots campaigns, BlockchainSpace sought to understand the scalability of community engagement efforts. Peter elaborated on the unique dynamics within these fan groups, especially in niche verticals like Kpop fandoms, “These communities are united in their unwavering support for IPs and brands, seeking nothing in return but the success of their cherished idols.” This phenomenon, as observed in the Philippines, where unofficial Facebook groups flourish with fans promoting and celebrating their K-pop heroes, parallels the organic community support mechanisms inherent in Web3 gaming worlds.

Such community-driven models by the gaming guilds rallying around games like Axie Infinity without official endorsement reflect a grassroots approach to growth and engagement. “These communities weren’t just fans; they were active participants in the game’s ecosystem, educating newcomers on the nuances of gameplay and earning strategies,” Peter highlighted, drawing a parallel to the autonomous nature of Web2 cultural communities.

This synergy between Web2 cultural fervor and Web3 communal structures illustrates BlockchainSpace’s adaptive engagement strategies. It reaffirms our commitment to cultivating genuine connections within and across diverse digital landscapes.

Head of Marketing and PH Country Manager, Aspen Sanez, elaborates on the evolving role of brands and enterprises within this new paradigm, where creators become brands and brands embody communities. This symbiotic relationship underscores the potential for partnerships and sponsorships that enrich the community experience and bolster engagement. He has hinted at an exciting collaboration opportunity coming within the year and invited everyone to stay tuned for more updates.

CEO and Co-Founder of Metasports, Joe Josue, highlighted the revitalization of the guild partner program and the inception of Guilds Hall, a sanctuary for active web3 gaming leaders. This space is not just a guild of guilds, but a crucible for innovation, collaboration, and the fostering of a professional community of leaders who drive real player liquidity and engagement in the web3 gaming world.

Lilian Teo, CFO of BlockchainSpace, underscores the strategic evolution of our tokenomics with the new YEY-$GUILD tokenomics and whitepaper. Additionally, Teo highlights the expansion of $GUILD’s market presence, hinting at plans of listing on more exchanges in 2024.

BlockchainSpace stands at the precipice of a new era in digital engagement and community building. Our initiatives, grounded in the insights and strategies shared by Peter, Lillian, Aspen, and Joe, pave the way for a future where digital communities are engaged and empowered. As we venture into 2024, we invite you to join us in this journey of innovation, collaboration, and growth, where every interaction, every token, and every campaign is a step towards a more connected, vibrant, and thriving modern world.

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BlockchainSpace, a Singapore-based Web3 company backed by leading investors, fuses technology and culture to empower diverse communities across Southeast Asia — from gaming and the creator economy to sports, music, and everything in between.

Offering specialized solutions like YEY, Metasports, Creator Circle, and the Guilds Hall, BlockchainSpace delivers tailor-fit tech solutions that redefine digital engagement and community growth.

$GUILD is the utility token that underpins the entire ecosystem of BlockchainSpace. Beyond building platforms, BlockchainSpace is shaping the future of community-driven digital landscapes.

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