BlockchainSpace Weekly Update: Upgrades, Thrilling Collaborations, and More!

3 min readAug 2, 2022


Greetings, GUIDLers!

Another fantastic week for us over at BlockchainSpace is in the books! We are very excited to announce we partnered with more projects to bring more play-to-earn opportunities to our guilds and gamers, added new features to our Discord Bot, and formed new alliances that are sure to bring more value to our ecosystem. All of these updates are sure to strengthen our already strong communities.

First off, on July 25, we announced our new partnership with the historical warfare game Medieval Empires! This new play-to-earn game brings legendary battles straight to our guilds and gamers. This immersive adventure game takes gamers on a journey through a blockchain-powered world that combines strategy, adventure, and history. Users can build towns, fight off invaders, raise armies, and recruit new heroes while exploring new lands and conquering their enemies, all while earning simultaneously!

Next up, on July 26, we partnered with Battle Arena Games Guild, a guild dedicated to blending GameFi, SocialFi, and Esports! This alliance will allow Battle Arena Games Guild to grow into the metaverse and, through cross-promotions, will expand and benefit both user bases. BSPC will provide valuable game data and metrics to BAGG to save time while focusing on scaling and bettering performance.

Our ALL-IN-ONE guild management tool now supports Dracoo Master.

Next on the list, on July 27, we announced a tremendous upgrade to our Guild Bot! From that day on, our all-in-one guild management tool will support Dracoo Master! Through adventures and battles, gamers who play Dracoo Master can collect $DRA tokens, and now guild managers have more tools to ensure their scholars can maximize their earning potential. If you are interested in using our Guild Bot, you can download it here.

Moving on, on July 28, we teamed up with Meta57, a guild that encourages its members to have as much fun as possible while also pursuing growth and success. This partnership aims to scale the play-to-earn space and bring more empowerment to the community like never before.

It’s time for BlockchainSpace guilds to fight to rebuild Earth with Timeleap Industries.

Last but certainly not least, on July 29, we announced our partnership with TimeLeap Industries! This action-packed multiplayer RPG brings a new twist to Web3 gaming: Users must band together to rebuild a fallen Earth. With exciting gameplay and a unique story, we are sure our guilds and gamers will thoroughly enjoy this new earning opportunity.

We at BlockchainSpace are always on the lookout to bring new partnerships and play-to-earn opportunities to our thousands of guilds and millions of gamers while also upgrading and updating our tools to make the lives of guild managers easier. In the coming weeks, we are planning to accomplish even more. Stay tuned to our Discord and Twitter for more information on our upcoming launches, partnerships, and much, much more!

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