BlockchainSpace Weekly Update: Thrilling Partnerships, New Announcements, Blockchain Meetups, and More!

5 min readOct 9, 2022


Greetings, GUIDLers!

Another busy and exciting month is in the books for us at BlockchainSpace. We’ve more great news to keep you all in the loop on the moves we’ve been making these part few weeks. As the world of blockchain gaming continues to evolve, we are committed to providing the tools and knowledge to empower guilds and gamers worldwide.

So, without further adieu, let’s dive in and see what BlockchainSpace was up to at the end of September!

First and foremost, on September 19, BlockchainSpace and Sandbox Academy sent a huge congratulations to the winners of the PINASining contest! We were blown away by the amount of Voxel art entries we received and are so happy to have you all on board as we bring new educational opportunities to the BlockchainSpace community. We would like to express our congratulations to Ivan Erl Elymar Cayaban for taking first place, Phoebe Lim for second place, and Marco Tajonera for third place. We’d also like to congratulate our five consolation prize recipients and every single one of you who participated! You are truly what makes BlockchainSpace great.

Next up, on September 22, we announced the addition to the Guild Partner Program: NFT X-Street! As a community of Web3 enthusiasts that are banding together to explore the full scope of blockchain technology, NFT X-Street is bringing new ways for guilds and gamers to earn through a variety of play-to-earn opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about this up-and-coming guild, you can check out their Discord.

The very next day, we unveiled that we will be co-presenting the Axie Infinity Cabanatuan Community Meetup on October 22 at the SM Megacenter in Cabanatuan, Philippines. This tournament will bring the Axie Infinity community in the Philippines together in the spirit of friendly (and intense!) competition. If you are interested in showing off your Axie skills, there is still time to register for the event!

Later on September 23, BlockchainSpace BD Lead, Matthew Dy Juanco, stepped into the breach in an AMA hosted by Coinlive, an independent digital news network focusing on DeFi and CeFi, to discuss whether gaming guilds can rejuvenate and strengthen GameFi. Jinse co-hosted the event. A hundred viewers tuned in to the AMA, making it a resounding success. If you are interested in watching a recap of the AMA, check it out here.

Moving on to September 26, we held a pre-game to TOKEN2049 Singapore to discuss the state of GameFi. We gathered with some of the industry’s most prominent figures and discussed everything related to blockchain gaming. Along with Capital, XLD Finance, YGG SEA, and Unstoppable, we took Silvermalt in Singapore by storm with the number of attendees participating. Events like this are a melting pot of new ideas and a building block for making great connections. Hence, we are looking forward to the next big community event! Hmm, wonder where that might be. Any clues? 😉 😉

Next, on September 28, we announced the newest addition of our newest Guild Partner: MVP Guild PH! As a competitive Web3 gaming community based in the Philippines, MVP Guild PH aims to nurture their members to become top-tier players worthy of competing on the esports world stage! If you are interested in joining their guild, you can register here.

“Positivity on NFT-based games should be ‘balanced with a bit of cynicism and ‘being realistic with expectations,’ says the founder of an organization providing education for guilds of NFT games”, source: Rappler

Finally, on that same day, BlockchainSpace’s Peter Ing sat down with Rappler, a leading digital media company in the Philippines, to discuss the future of NFT gaming as this bear market continues to rage onward. With game developers, guilds, and gamers wondering “What now?” when looking at the current state of the ecosystem, Peter breaks down where play-to-earn gaming is heading and how the “hype cycle” can be managed. If you are interested in reading the full discussion, you can find it here.

“The R&D Team” 😆 CEO Peter Ing, CTO Terence Woo and VP of Engineering Max Li, have their hands full at Token 2049.

With so many changes to the GameFi landscape over the last few months, we are committed to continue paving the way for the future of guilds and play-to-earn gaming through all the ups and downs that head our way. With the environment rapidly changing, our resolve remains consistent. In the coming weeks, we will strive to accomplish even more to bring the best play-to-earn opportunities to our millions of gamers and thousands of guilds. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming partnerships, new launches, and much, much more!

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