BlockchainSpace Weekly Update: New Game and Guild Partnerships, Guild Bot Updates, Exciting Meetups, and More!

5 min readSep 22, 2022
Axie Origins Kickoff Party at Draper Startup House. Photo from @nixeniego

Greetings, GUIDLers!

Another tremendous yet busy week is in the books for us over at BlockchainSpace. We are very excited to announce the thrilling developments we’ve been working on that will expand the already amazing play-to-earn opportunities within the BlockchainSpace ecosystem. With every new partnership, Guild Bot update, event, and more, we are striving to bring you the best possible experience and most support in the GameFi space. We are happy to have you on this journey with us as we revolutionize the industry.

First off, on September 5, we announced our new partnership with Mouse Haunt, an incredible play-to-earn adventure game! With hundreds of Mouse characters to choose from, there is an endless variety of abilities, outfits, and weapons to use. One cutting-edge aspect of Mouse Haunt is: When your character dies, a whole new adventure begins as a Mouse Ghost! If you want to learn more about this partnership, you can read more here.

Moving on to September 7, we announced our partnership with the action-packed MOBA game War Legends! In this play-to-earn war game, gamers have the opportunity to engage in different battle scenarios from missions in Normandy, the Eastern Front, Northern Africa, the islands of the Pacific, and more. The initial NFT offering for War Legends is now ongoing, so if you’re interested in picking up your tank NFT, you can visit here for more detailed information on how to get involved.

The very next day, on September 8, we were very excited to announce the next chapter in guild management with an update to our very own Discord GUILD BOT! With this update, the GUILD BOT will now allow guild managers to bulk assign and remove roles in Google Sheets, manage guild roles instantly, and receive your Discord member information while on the go. If you are interested in optimizing your guild, you can download the GUILD BOT here.

Next up, on September 9, BlockchainSpace and Draper Startup House Manila launched the Philippines Voxel Invasion with Sandbox Academy to ensure artists’ art can live on-chain forever. Together with Draper Startup House Manila, SandBox Academy’s Community Manager and Lead Game Designer, Mark Joseph Bago, discussed how anyone can become an NFT artist using Sandbox Academy and just how important your art is.

A few days later, on September 12, we held The State of GameFi: Pre-Game to Token2049, an event preceding the legendary crypto event being held from September 28–29 in Singapore. At this event, experts from BlockchainSpace, YGG SEA,, and XLD Finance discussed the evolving nature of GameFi and held a curated soiree with the best and brightest in the space.

On September 14, we announced our partnership with Level Up Gaming Guild, a sub-guild of our good friends over at Yield Guild Games! We are excited to team up with a guild partner that aims to enable like-minded individuals to onboard, educate, and empower communities to join forces in building the ever-evolving metaverse. We are looking forward to joining forces with them as we reshape the world of Esports together.

Moving on to September 16, we announced our partnership with Olympos Guild, a Turkish play-to-earn gaming community determined to onboard the next generation of gamers to the world of Web3! If you are interested in learning how you can obtain a scholarship of your own, check out their Discord for more information.

Later that day, we announced our partnership with a limitless new partner, X World Games! As the first cross-game and cross-play NFT gaming infrastructure, X World Games is working with game developers and industry-leading professionals to bring traditional gamers to the metaverse. If you are interested in learning more about X World Games’ cutting-edge gameplay, check them out!

Last but certainly not least, on September 17, we held a kickoff party with Axie Infinity Philippines to welcome the play-to-earn community. With # in attendance, talks were held, connections were made, and, most importantly, the community was strengthened. Without a strong community, projects like BlockchainSpace and Axie Infinity wouldn’t be able to operate as effectively. At events like this, it’s our mission to meet you all so we can continue revolutionizing the space. We are eagerly waiting for the next meetup to see you all!

As the largest guild hub, we at BlockchainSpace are always on the lookout for new partnerships, play-to-earn opportunities, and meetups worldwide so we can provide the best services to our thousands of guilds and millions of gamers. We are also actively upgrading and updating our tools to make the lives of guild managers easier by removing inefficiencies in the management process and adding more utility to products like our GUILD BOT. In the coming weeks, we have a few more surprises up our sleeves as we aim to accomplish even more. Stay tuned to our Discord and Twitter for more information on upcoming launches, partnerships, and much more!

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