BlockchainSpace Weekly Update: Certifications, Festivals, Fireside Chats, Partnerships, and More!

4 min readAug 17, 2022


Greetings, GUIDLers!

Another week has come and gone, and BlockchainSpace is thrilled to fill everyone in on the new developments at HQ and worldwide! We have made it our mission to partner with the best projects, meet you all at festivals around the world, discuss pertinent topics that we all enjoy, and take the necessary steps to ensure all of our users’ safety. We are proud to share what’s been going on and even prouder to have you all onboard. So without further adieu, let’s dive in!

A platform that enables traditional developers to bring their games to life in #Web3.

First off, on August 8, we announced our exciting partnership with G4AL, the revolutionary platform providing Web3 solutions to game developers and publishers. Through their innovative blockchain technology, G4AL’s platform will pave the way for conventional games to transition smoothly to the world of Web3. Together, we aim to bring blockchain games from a few thousand users to scale up to 100s of millions of users. Keep an eye out for their turn-based RPG Elemental Raiders in November!

We did it!

Soon after our partnership announcement, we announced the successful CertiK penetration test for our all-in-one guild management tool, KAIZEN! Our dev team has been working hard to ensure that all of our users and guild managers are safe on their journey to greatness across our play-to-earn ecosystem. We are very proud to take these necessary steps to create the best possible gaming and earning environment imaginable.

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Later in the week, on August 10, we released more information on becoming a speaker or sponsor for the biggest and most prominent blockchain event in the Philippines, Philippine Web3 Festival. With more than 30 speakers across this four-day event in November, we are excited to be a part of bringing the brightest minds and most renowned leaders in Web3 to Manila as conferences, tournaments, hackathons, and more rage on around us all week long! Whether you attend in person or online, this is one event you will not want to miss.

The next day, we announced that our very own Jen Bilango, Corporate Strategy and Growth Lead, will be representing BlockchainSpace at the Bitpinas Mid-Winter Fireside chat on August 16! During this event, dynamic discussions on the three waves of crypto adoption in the Philippines will be held, and the expert panelists will share their opinions on the future of the space.

On August 12, we announced our partnership with fitness metaverse titan Galaxy Arena! Through this partnership, we aim to onboard more members of our community to their metaverse, or “meta gym”, so we can all stay fit together while also earning in new and exciting ways. If you are interested in joining the train-to-earn revolution, you can find more details here.

Later that day, BlockchainSpace went live with SparkPoint to discuss blockchain technology and all the different ways it will redefine how we learn, create, and play! With host Drei, our Guild Partner Program Manager Carlos Mendiola went into detail on how BlockchainSpace is changing how gamers and guild partners grow and evolve within our ecosystem. If you missed out on the conversation, don’t worry! You can watch the FULL video here.

Last week, we saw many developments across our ecosystem here at BlockchainSpace. With every step, we can see the many steps in front of us to bring the best platform imaginable to our guilds, gamers, investors, partners, and everyone in between. In closing, we want to thank our community for giving us the inspiration we need to push our boundaries to create something truly wonderful.

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