BlockchainSpace is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Yield Guild Games

3 min readNov 20, 2021


BSPC and YGG will collaborate on creating solutions that create economic opportunities in play-to-earn.

BlockchainSpace (BSPC) is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG), one of the leading play-to-earn guilds with over 5,000 players. With our shared goal of expanding the play-to-earn ecosystem, BSPC and YGG will collaborate on creating solutions that create economic opportunities in play-to-earn games.

YGG has purchased $GUILD tokens worth US $100,000 from BlockchainSpace.

$GUILD is BlockchainSpace’s soon-to-be-released platform token that will be used for community governance. Implemented as a utility token for inter-guild transactions and esports league tournaments, $GUILD will also play the role of a DAO token for participating in the DAO and be used for inter guild investments.

According to Sarutobi Sasuke, Head of Partnerships at YGG, “We are eagerly looking forward to collaborating with BlockchainSpace as their data infrastructure and financial instruments will help managers and scholars alike with efficient payment solutions.”

“We also hope that with BlockchainSpace, we can continue to educate guild members and the play-to-earn community at large about concepts in decentralized finance and traditional finance to help further our vision for YGG,” he added.

“BlockchainSpace is honored to work with YGG to provide more transparency, better guild management and better benchmarking data for the industry at large. Using this data, BlockchainSpace is able to extend financial services to the entire guild value chain, for guild owners and players alike,” said Peter Ing, founder of BSPC.

As a guild hub for play-to-earn communities, we build tools to empower these communities and also run our own guilds to identify economic opportunities in play-to-earn games. By creating a robust CRM (customer relationship management), we allow guild managers to monitor each player within the guild, measure the performance of game accounts, and track overall guild insights. Additionally, players use BSPC to keep track of performance to benchmark against other players within the guild and from other guilds across the globe.

Our tools are now being utilized by over 2,000 guilds, including YGG, and reaches 545,000 people. Our Discord bot from Axie Academy can automatically perform several useful tasks for Axie Infinity guild owners and scholars — like queuing scholar applicants, tracking player daily, weekly and current SLP earnings, track averages across guilds worldwide, provide specialized manager features for quick guild insights + much more! (You can download the Axie Academy Bot here:

We are also set to launch a Dashboard V1 in November of this year. With a built-in guild dashboard, our tools will assist users with accounting, automating cashouts, and getting an overall evaluation of a particular guild, alongside key metrics and more in-depth performance tracking for each guild member.

Besides gaining key insights about a particular guild’s operations, our tools also offer a variety of ways to accrue value from the guild by implementing credit loan commissions, player management fees, inter-guild transactions, cashout commissions, token-granted permission to SaaS features, esports, and tournament fees.

In the future, we will be introducing our “guild marketplace” where guild owners can opt-in to share performance related stats to demonstrate how well they manage their assets. This allows for other guilds and external investors to pinpoint performance of guilds from across the globe and collaborate or invest in them.

Many plans are already in our roadmap, which is constantly evolving dependent on market feedback. A few of these include a Dashboard V2, expanding our esports footprint with LSL (MetaSports), and providing more Guild Data Feeds.

For more information about Blockchain Space, check our website, and join our community at Discord, and Twitter.

Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow them on Twitter for future updates.




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