BlockchainSpace in 2023: A Complete Primer

Unravel BlockchainSpace’s transformative journey through 2023, where innovation and community engagement converge, setting the stage for a groundbreaking Web3 future.

10 min readSep 15, 2023


  • Broadening Scope: BlockchainSpace expanded from GameFi to the Creator Economy, empowering diverse communities across verticals with pioneering Web3 tools and solutions.
  • Strategic Growth Moves: Acquired gaming and esports agency, Metasports, and partnered with the biggest telco in the Philippines, Smart Communications, amplifying our reach and effectiveness.
  • Launched Creator Circle: Empowering a collective of Southeast Asian creators with an aggregate following of 100+ million, with the tech and knowledge they need to grow in the space.
  • Debuted YEY at FIBA 2023: With Smart, we launched YEY at FIBA 2023, bringing a new web3-powered experience to creators, brands, communities, and a wider global audience.
  • The company’s ongoing expansion and strategic direction are underpinned by the $GUILD token, central to our whole ecosystem.

2023 marks a transformative year for BlockchainSpace. Guided by our mission to empower community owners in enhancing engagement and monetization through technology and culture, we have successfully expanded from our roots in GameFi to a broader reach that now includes the burgeoning creator economy. This strategic shift addresses pressing needs in monetization, content ownership, and transparency.

This mid-year update will walk you through key milestones — product launches, acquisitions, partnerships, and community initiatives — that underscore our focus and commitment to this new direction as we expand into broader markets.

Unwavering Core Values, Expanded Horizons

BlockchainSpace doubled down on its core values in 2023: to empower communities of all kinds with pioneering Web3 tools and solutions. This foundational principle guides each avenue of innovation, resonating across different verticals, from gaming to creator economy and more.

We’ll explain how major projects from last year, like the Guild Partner Program, have evolved and led us to broader ventures such as Metasports and partnerships like the one with Smart Telecommunications. We’ll also introduce you to our new Creator Circle community and our latest platform, YEY. Let’s get into it.

A Retrospective: The Guild Partner Program of 2022

Before delving into the advancements of 2023, it’s important to review the foundation laid in the previous year. BlockchainSpace’s primary initiative in 2022 was the Guild Partner Program, aimed at fostering gaming guilds.

This program established a supportive global ecosystem for around 4 million gamers. We introduced specialized tools and a comprehensive platform known as Guild Hub to streamline operations for Web3 gaming communities. Among the utilities were automation bots and a management dashboard, with particular emphasis on ‘play-to-earn’ games like Axie Infinity.

Why It Matters: CEO Peter Ing stressed that the program transcended mere numbers; it provided critical insights into the mechanics of digital communities. These gaming guilds were identified as crucial drivers for the global adoption of Web3 technology and pathways to financial empowerment.

Informed by last year’s learnings, the Guild Partner Program is being strategically restructured to serve our vibrant gaming community better. These insights likewise serve as the foundational elements for 2023’s broader initiatives.

Expanding into the Creator Economy Powered by Web3, Collaboration, and Education

With Southeast Asia’s internet economy predicted to surge to an astronomical US$363 billion by 2025, according to insights from Google, Temasek Holdings Pte, and Bain & Co — we witness a natural progression from GameFi and guilds to a burgeoning creator economy, encompassing communities of diverse and vibrant hues.

Despite its promise, the fast-growing creator economy is not without its challenges. Many creators need help with monetization issues, content ownership, and transparency in brand partnerships, which often impede their growth and fruitful community interactions.

We aim to address these challenges by leveraging technology, fostering a strong community culture, and building reliable platforms. So BlockchainSpace added a new market vertical — the creator economy — without losing its focus on providing gamers and guilds the best community tools and educational resources to scale in the metaverse.

Peter Ing, CEO and Founder of BlockchainSpace, said that the company’s strategy and vision will adapt to accommodate this expansion, introducing creators to Web3, providing education and collaboration opportunities, and overcoming challenges unique to this market.

To kick off this ambitious expansion, BlockchainSpace established a presence in the Philippines to reinforce its footing and then grow outward to expand into the greater Southeast Asian region and beyond. The Philippines has been receptive to what BlockchainSpace has achieved over the years, providing a friendly environment for piloting different concepts and iterating on them.

Creator Circle: Regional Collective of Creators, for Creators

Launched in May 2023 in Manila, Philippines, the Creator Circle materializes our vision of a unified, empowered network of creators, brands, and agencies.

The Creator Circle is a one-stop shop for brands, agencies, and creators looking to navigate the rapidly evolving creator economy. Its core mission is to enable creator growth through upskilling, creator-focused events, and networking opportunities with like-minded creators across all verticals. The Creator Circle was designed to benefit artists, brands, social media influencers, writers, media agencies, YouTubers, and designers across various sectors, including Web3.

As a Web3-enabled collective, Creator Circle aims to foster community-led growth, providing an arena for creators to amplify their reach, enhance their understanding of their audience, and maximize the use of data analysis for content that resonates.

With our roots in Southeast Asia, our mission is to empower content creators from our region and beyond. Creator Circle aims to provide its members with cutting-edge tools, exclusive networking events, and innovative revenue channels. Together, we can forge a new path in the creator economy landscape.

Key features of the Creator Circle include:

  • Creator Insights and Research — Understanding creator pain points through surveys, polls, and interviews with creators to build tailor-fit tools and solutions that address these.
  • Exclusive Community Access — Gain access to a communications channel with creators: a hub for mentorship, unlocking deal flows with brands and agencies, and networking opportunities.
  • Regional Network and Collaboration Opportunities — Expanding creators’ exposure to different markets in SEA through events, collaboration opportunities, product launches, creator features, and more.

The Creator Circle is a digital powerhouse with an impressive aggregate following of 100+ million in the Philippines across all social platforms. This massive reach posits that the Creator Circle’s members are potential early adopters of the YEY platform. Harnessing the trust and engagement they’ve cultivated in their communities, these creators are envisioned to play a pivotal role in spearheading the adoption of YEY, catalyzing a wave of immersive and enriched experiences in the Web3 space.

Strategic Alliances: Acquisitions and Partnerships

To further our goal of transforming the digital economy and supporting creators, BlockchainSpace has actively pursued strategic acquisitions and partnerships. These collaborations are more than just add-ons; they are essential components that amplify our reach and effectiveness. Below, we outline the key partnerships and acquisitions driving our mission forward.

Metasports: Bridging Web2 and Web3 in Gaming and Esports

Back in January 2023, BlockchainSpace made a big move by acquiring Gaming & Esports Media Agency, Metasports. This game-changer strengthens our GameFi stronghold and enables a deeper dive into the Creator Economy.

Metasports offers BlockchainSpace multiple strategic advantages, including:

  • Web3 Community Support: The merger strengthens support for the Web3 gaming community, promising further growth and development.
  • Enhanced Creator Partnerships: With Metasports on board, BlockchainSpace can forge closer ties with creators, offering them more opportunities through our gaming partners.
  • Media Expertise: Metasports brings extensive knowledge of the media industry, enhancing our capability to navigate the complexities of the creator economy.
  • Talent Management: Metasports’ team provides BlockchainSpace with expertise in talent management, allowing us to guide creators more effectively toward success in the Web3 world.

This acquisition complemented GPP through guild tournaments and set the stage for new initiatives like the Creator Circle.

PLDT-Smart Communications: The Philippines’ Telco Giant

In May 2023, BlockchainSpace announced a partnership with Smart Communications, the top telecom provider in the Philippines, to explore Web3-powered solutions that connect communities, unlock new opportunities, and accelerate Web3 adoption.

“This collaboration takes us significantly closer to making Web3 mainstream in the Philippines. Filipinos have already shown an impressive aptitude for crypto and GameFi; partnering with Smart allows us to build on that momentum.” — Peter Ing, Founder & CEO, BlockchainSpace

We are delighted to have Smart Communications as a strategic partner in supporting our Creator Circle initiative and advancing our joint campaigns for the YEY platform.

This partnership is a monumental step in bringing Web3 technologies closer to content creators, communities, and the broader populace in the Philippines and beyond.

Introducing YEY: Product Evolution Driven by Community Insights

Innovation has always fueled us. We started with GuildHub in 2022, focusing on gamers, then saw an opportunity for greater impact as we looked at the broader market for creators.

Based on valuable community feedback, GuildHub evolved into WE3, highlighting our expanded vision. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce YEY. This name perfectly aligns with our refreshed mission to strengthen the bond between creators and their communities.

YEY is the culmination of BlockchainSpace’s efforts in 2023. It combines previous projects and partnerships — including our acquisition of Metasports and collaboration with Smart Telecommunications — into one cohesive platform. This new experience is designed to make interactions between communities and brands meaningful but also fun and rewarding.

Operating on the Polygon network with a vision for further collaborations, the platform offers unparalleled opportunities and advantages, including:

YEY stands as a testament to BlockchainSpace’s strategic evolution over the years. Each development, be it the Metasports acquisition or the launch of the Creator Circle, represents a building block, gradually forming a robust foundation for YEY.

The initiative leverages the strengths and learnings from previous undertakings, converging them under a single umbrella to redefine community and brand interactions through Web3 solutions. It is a cohesive culmination of diligent efforts and strategic alliances, all geared towards realizing the expansive vision of a community-centric Web3 ecosystem.

BlockchainSpace Launches YEY with Smart Telco at FIBA 2023

BlockchainSpace and telco titan Smart Telecommunications have forged a groundbreaking partnership centered around the dynamic potential of YEY, a new digital toolset to redefine fan engagement. This collaboration debuted at the 2023 FIBA World Cup, giving audiences a new way of experiencing community rewards.

The anticipation builds as BlockchainSpace and Smart Telecommunications gear up to showcase more activations at the upcoming Philippine Blockchain Week 2023. These activations are designed to seamlessly merge technology and tradition, painting a rich tapestry of experiences rooted deeply in the creator economy.

Even in its pre-alpha stage, YEY presents an ambitious vision that embodies our mantra, #Web3ForAll.” The tool promises to play a transformative role in the Filipino market and beyond, offering engaged and gamified experiences.

BlockchainSpace’s 2023 Path of Innovation

Our 2023 strategy has been a step-by-step journey to redefine Web3. We kicked off with our Guild Partner Program and formed key alliances with Metasports and Smart, which led to the Creator Circle launch and our YEY platform's big debut. All these steps aim to turn BlockchainSpace into a community-focused Web3 leader.

This isn’t just a shift — it’s strategic growth that broadens our original focus on gaming to include creators and communities. Your involvement has been crucial, and we invite everyone to continue co-creating the Web3 future with us. For more details or to get involved, please reach out.

Get Involved Through $GUILD

Interested in what we do? There’s no better time to get involved, and your gateway is $GUILD, the token that powers all we do at BlockchainSpace.

$GUILD isn’t just a token — It’s woven into every part of our ecosystem. As we improve and expand on our offerings and product sophistication, $GUILD grows in importance and utility, making it more valuable in real, useful ways.

On top of that, holding $GUILD is a vote for a community-driven, transformative future. It’s your chance to, not just witness, but also shape what the future looks like for web3-powered communities and culture.

Getting started is easy: $GUILD tokens are readily available on trusted DEXs like Uniswap and MEXC.

Ready to be a part of something bigger? Secure your $GUILD today, and let’s shape a brighter, more inclusive future — together.

About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace, a Singapore-based Web3 company backed by leading investors, fuses technology and culture to empower diverse communities across Southeast Asia — from gaming and the creator economy to sports, music, and everything in between.

Offering specialized solutions like YEY, Metasports, Creator Circle, and the Guild Partner Program, BlockchainSpace delivers tailor-fit tech solutions that redefine digital engagement and community growth.

$GUILD is the utility token that underpins the entire ecosystem of BlockchainSpace. Beyond building platforms, BlockchainSpace is shaping the future of community-driven digital landscapes.

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