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3 min readJul 29, 2022


Impact. This is what creates and sustains movements, and making ways to earn within the metaverse gaming space is certainly one.

Looking back at our recent event held at Draper Startup House in partnership with Limitless Guild (LLG), we learn from their General Manager, Hermie, that there are so many ways to create opportunities.

Powered by BlockchainSpace’s growing network of Guild Partners, LLG has been taking great strides in the Play to Earn and metaverse gaming space, in particular with its main game, Axie Infinity. There’s a whole lot of value to be made in every step of the process of scaling a guild, and we see that LLG is in the right space to seize this great opportunity before them.

“BlockchainSpace has assisted Limitless Guild on many fronts, especially the Cebu events. The guild meetup. BlockchainSpace enabled us to meet one of the biggest players, one of the biggest guilds as well within the space and basically gave us first-hand experience. Basically, building partnership, building rapport with finding potential collabs in the future and that enables us to basically open up the opportunities for the guild on many different fronts.”

LLG has been with us even before we started the Guild Partnership Program, and we’re grateful for their insights into the mechanics of guild management and growth, which have helped us serve all our guild partners better. Our partnership with LLG also means that we actively share and produce research and analytics with them, further honing our insights into how the GameFi ecosystem works and how we can provide top-notch data infrastructure for all our guild partners’ needs.

To date, the guild has roughly 500 scholars, with more to be onboarded to its guild scholarship program, one that it takes pride in for sustaining educational initiatives for its scholars by teaching real-life skills based on in-game theories and mechanics. This is done through LLG’s Explorer System and Coaching For Success program, both of which are continuously developed and improved through its scholar community.

In this feature video, Hermie shares his personal story of realization and the humble beginnings of LLG. Heartwarming and candid, Hermie opened up on how Lucas Low, co-founder and main angel investor at LLG, made him realize his own limitless potential.

Perhaps more than just being a guild, LLG’s uniqueness can be found in what it means to its scholars: not just an organization, but moreover, an open community that widens their imagination and helps them achieve their goals and succeed in life.

As LLG transitions to becoming one of the finest macroguilds in the space, we at BlockchainSpace can’t be prouder for them, for what they’ve achieved so far and what we see them seizing in the near future. Check out the full video here!

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LimitLess Guild Mobius is a play-and-earn platform focused on a player-centric mission to maximise their potential across different games in the metaverse. Their aim is to empower gamers to bring their skills from the Metaverse to Reality.

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