BlockchainSpace Creates Value for Guilds and Games through our Guild Partner Program

5 min readMar 24, 2022
BlockchainSpace’s Guild Partner Program empowers and connects guilds across the globe with education, tools, and financing.

Using grassroots efforts to further empower and connect play-to-earn guilds and gamers worldwide with the best education, tools, and financing, BlockchainSpace is proud to introduce our Guild Partner Program!

The BlockchainSpace Guild Partner Program

At BlockchainSpace, we aim to represent the entire play-to-earn space with the mentality that no guild is too small and no location too far away; all guilds far and wide deserve the same resources and tools. Since we set out on this journey, we have partnered with guilds of all sizes across the globe and with some of the most exciting play-to-earn games in the space.

🤔 Who Are Our Guild Partners?

Our guild partners represent the entire play-to-earn space, consisting of micro guilds (10–100 players; 97% of the total market), medium guilds (100–1,000 players; 2% of the total market), and macro guilds (1,000+ players; 1% of the market) covering strategically prioritized locations across the globe.

As BlockchainSpace continues to grow, we build up our network by providing solutions for guilds that are aligned with our vision and mission to bring the best resources and tools to their communities while also bringing them the most beneficial play-to-earn opportunities.

We strive to connect with gaming guilds that are well-connected in their respective communities worldwide to provide localized support in every corner of the world.

✨ Perks of being a BlockchainSpace Guild Partner

  • NFT badges;
  • Alpha passes to BSPC tools, research reports, and partner channels;
  • Whitelist opportunities, free in-game assets, and other NFT drops from any other game partner;
  • Share investment leads and Invite to private rounds;
  • Tailored BSPC guild management system solutions;
  • Discount packages or exclusive perks to any event sponsored by BSPC;
  • Preferential loan rates and terms, higher LTV ratio, or lower interest rates.

Register here to join our Guild Partner Program.

🌐 Building Our Community Across the Globe

  • Forging strong and meaningful connections between games and guilds;
  • Partners help us understand their local community by conducting AMA sessions and BSPC tool demos;
  • Onboard additional guilds;
  • Disseminate localized announcements;
  • Provide and gather feedback from their guild network about our tools and industry trends.

Through our Guild Partner Program, we facilitate the connection between games and guilds within our network.

We can, for example, provide targeted testing for new games and narrow down testers dependent on the specific market segment based on size or location. Once a game developer decides the target audience, we can tap into our Guild Partners, whose scholars will be given in-game assets to test run the game and provide feedback. The trial period lasts between 30 and 45 days where Guild Partners will allocate scholars to play the game. After which, they can provide a comprehensive report for games to use in further improving their gameplay and user experience.

Games that want to become a part of BlockchainSpace game network can reach out to our Head of Partnerships at

🤝 Introducing our Guild Partners

Guilds interested in joining our Guild Partner Program can register here or email our Regional Expansion Lead at

Guild Partnership Program Milestones

Jen Bilango, General Manager at BlockchainSpace, expressed their gratitude to the many guilds, gamers, and game projects within our network, saying, “We’re proud to have all our GPPs and we’re thankful that they see the value that we generate through our program — connecting guilds and games, providing game insights through our Kozo Dashboard, and helping them manage their guild through our Kaizen Guild Management System.”

🧐 Case Study: WonderHero x Limitless Guild

“BlockchainSpace’s collaboration with WonderHero has been pivotal to our understanding of guild’s operations with quality feedback. Their consistency helped both the game and guilds to reach a scalable win-win outcome,” shared Ethan, CEO of WonderHero.

Through our strategic partnership with mobile RPG play-to-earn game, WonderHero, BlockchainSpace received 100 starter packs containing NFTs that allowed 25 scholars to begin playing and earning.

These NFTs were distributed to four guilds — Limitless Guild, Baby Moon Gaming House, Play4Change, and our very own BlockchainSpace guild. After the trial period, guilds and gamers shared a report with WonderHero which consisted of general feedback to create a better gaming experience, an earnings report showing a complete breakdown of the guild and their scholar’s earnings, local community nuances to better localize the experience across regions, and suggestions to improve overall gameplay.

Hermie, General Manager of one of our guild partners from Singapore, Limitless Guild, said, “It’s a humbling experience to meet up with Ethan, CEO of WonderHero, totally listening to our straightforward and honest feedback on our game testing as well as our suggestions for continuous improvement of the game. We are very honored to work with WonderHero through BlockchainSpace!”

Through this process, all guild partners expressed their interest in buying additional starter packs and allocated resources, both scholars and capital, to play WonderHero.

🎮 Other Partnerships

We are likewise growing our network of play-to-earn game titles

With each passing month, we are forming more and more partnerships with guilds and games, empowering both sides to level up their play-to-earn and metaverse experience.

There are loads of exciting collaborations to look forward to currently in the works! BlockchainSpace Guild Partners will get first dibs on NFT giveaways and alpha passes from hot game titles like Infernoverse, Tales of Ragnarok, Prometheus, Crypto Citizen, BitHotel, Wanaka Farm, HeroesTD, Duelist King, and Dracoo Master.

Join the fun!

We are always looking to grow our ecosystem! If you are a guild or game interested to explore partnership opportunities with BlockchainSpace, feel free to get in touch:

Register here to join our Guild Partner Program! You can also email:

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About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace enables play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse. We build tools to empower gaming communities and run academies to identify economic opportunities in games. We embolden the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential digital tools and financing to scale.

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