BlockchainSpace announces Cora Waddell as Head of Programme for Creator Circle

2 min readMay 12, 2023


As the world continues to embrace the digital revolution, the Creator Economy is becoming an increasingly significant force to reckon with. BlockchainSpace recognizes this through its recent expansion, and has made a bold move by launching The Creator Circle Program, a regional collective designed to bring together key stakeholders such as Creators, Agencies, and Brands across Southeast Asia. In this exciting venture, BlockchainSpace has brought on board Cora Waddell as the Head of Programme for Creator Circle.

Cora Waddell is no stranger to the world of entertainment and marketing. As a Filipino-American Model and Actress, she has made waves in the industry, most notably from her stay at the PBB house in season 7. Cora’s journey in content creation began when she collaborated with Wil Dasovich to produce a wildly viral video showcasing the daily commute in Manila. This kickstarted her journey in creating content, which eventually led to her appearing in TVCs, billboards, and Filipino movies.

But what truly sets Cora apart from the rest is her extensive experience in working with various brands across the region. As a Bench runway and print model for several years, she has worked with Smart, Forever 21, Downy, Jollibee, Tonik Bank, Samsung, and many other brands over the past 10 years. Her experience as an international model, working all over Asia, has given her a unique perspective and understanding of the Creator Economy in the region.

Cora’s unique blend of experience in content creation, advertising, and modeling, makes her an excellent fit for the role of Head of Programme for Creator Circle. Her knowledge and insights will be invaluable in connecting and nurturing the relationships between creators, agencies, and brands, and taking the Creator Economy in Southeast Asia to new heights. BlockchainSpace is excited to have her on board and looks forward to the future of the Creator Circle Program under her leadership.

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