BlockchainSpace Acquires Metasports, Showing Unwavering Commitment to Web3 Community Support

4 min readJan 18, 2023

BlockchainSpace takes a bold leap forward as we kick off 2023 with a significant acquisition that aligns perfectly with our mission to drive innovation and growth in the web3 gaming space continuously.

We are excited to welcome Gaming & Esports Media House & Agency, Metasports, into the BlockchainSpace family in support of the web3 gaming community!

This move sets the stage for a powerful 2023 and will allow us to take even more significant strides in the coming year. We are excited to see the impact it will have on our mission and our ecosystem.

Scaling Up and Investing in Innovation

At BlockchainSpace, we are committed to scaling up our efforts and investing in innovation this year, regardless of market conditions. We have been focused on strengthening our resources to support our mission and drive growth through our flagship product, Guild Hub.

We believe that innovation doesn’t stop and will continue to be at the forefront of our efforts this year. Together with Metasports, we look forward to unlocking the potential of blockchain technology and discovering new ways to drive growth.

— Peter Ing, CEO and Founder of BlockchainSpace

This strategic partnership will bring increased value to the guilds under our flagship product, Guild Hub, while also providing Metasports with a solid foundation to reach high-impact Web3 communities.

Launched in late 2022, Guild Hub is our initiative to establish the legitimacy of Web3 communities by effectively policing the community and creating valuable partnerships.

While we see guilds as any community or social organization, gaming is the initial and strongest use case.

The acquisition of Metasports is instrumental in fostering further business growth and supporting the community, as esports and guilds are integral to the future of Web3 gaming.

Moreover, this acquisition, with Metasports’ proven capabilities and expertise in the gaming and content creator space, will further expand the opportunities presented for the $GUILD token integration in the future, solidifying BlockchainSpace’s position as a leader in providing comprehensive and user-friendly solutions for guilds and Web 3.0 projects.

A Strong Partnership Built on Shared History

BlockchainSpace (BSPC) and Metasports have a long-standing, collaborative history.

[L-R] BlockchainSpace CEO and Founder Peter Ing, Metasports CBO and Co-Founder Lars Hernandez, and Metasports CEO and Co-Founder Joe Josue

Metasports, formerly SEAesport, has been a web2 esports 360 solutions provider and media company for over five years. BSPC’s founder, Peter Ing, introduced and onboarded Metasports founders Joe Josue, Lars Hernandez, Ron Fruel, and Dani Rogacion to web3 gaming with Axie Infinity.

Since its expansion into the space in December 2021, Metasports has quickly established its value in Web3.

Their IP, the Lunacian Sports League (LSL), was one of the first professionally produced Axie Infinity leagues. and is the longest-running IP for the popular P2E game.

Since its first LSL Invitational in February 2021, Metasports has used its web2 gaming and esports expertise to apply best practices to the early adoption of Web3. BlockchainSpace has since been one of the league’s major sponsors, which is about to launch its 5th season in Q1 2023.

Metasports has now expanded to focus on bridging the two worlds together through content, working with various web3 games, protocols, and partners through the Creator Business Management, featuring content creator KookooTV as their first partner.

Web3 Gaming & Esports Reimagined

Backed by insights from Guild Hub’s growing data sets, BlockchainSpace and Metasports view this acquisition as a strategic move based on a deep understanding of the market.

The acquisition of Metasports by BlockchainSpace is a game-changer for us. With the support of their technology and resources, we are excited to take our vision of building technology-backed IPs to the next level.

— Joe Josue, CEO and Co-Founder of Metasports

Josue, expresses confidence in the ability of this acquisition to strengthen their commitment to enhanced gaming experiences and bring more value to stakeholders.

As we focus on scalability in 2023, BlockchainSpace and Metasports are eager to bring about significant changes that will impact business development and contribute to the success and longevity of the rapidly growing global Web3 community.

Our goal is to empower our business units, Guild Hub and Metasports, to grow and build value through time. With this strategic partnership, the future of web3 gaming looks brighter than ever.

So join us on this exciting journey and be a part of our mission to support and grow the web3 community! Follow us to stay updated on the latest developments!

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About Metasports

Metasports is a media house and agency for Gaming and Esports, the parent org behind successful IPs: Lunacian Sports League, Kookoo TV, SEAesport News & Media, and more.

With 6+ years in professional 360 esports production and access to top content creators, KOLs, and 500+ web3 guilds, we bridge web2 and web3 gaming through meaningful content and valuable experiences that gamers love.

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