AAA+ Gaming Metaverse SIDUS HEROES Partners with BlockchainSpace

2 min readAug 16, 2022


The collaboration between SIDUS HEROES and BlockchainSpace brings new Play-to-Earn opportunities for thousands of guilds and millions of gamers.

The universe is yours for the taking. With chaos just around every corner, you have the opportunity to pillage the galaxy in your customized spaceship, build legions of soldiers by uniting Heroes from different backgrounds, represent your race and lobby your interests in the political arena or create and develop your very own corner of the universe. Your potential knows no bounds, GUILDers. Your journey full of adventures through the depths of space begins now!

As the guild hub of the metaverse, we at BlockchainSpace are very proud to bring the best and most entertaining Play-to-Earn opportunities to our guilds and gamers. Today, we are very excited to announce a partnership with AAA+ gaming metaverse SIDUS HEROES! This partnership will surely energize fans of space exploration and intergalactic conquests.

As the first game to allow users to build and co-own its services by investing in-game assets, SIDUS HEROES provides players with the opportunity to invest in specific economic concerns or “modules” through which all the major in-game mechanics operate. There are many modules in the game, including a Marketplace module, a Scholarship module and a Space Shuttle Shipyard that provide all their co-investors with Royalties up to 70% of the modules’ profits. And here’s the sweetener: these Royalty payouts are forever.

Currently, the platform is coming to the end of its beta stage and is onboarding more guilds to join the gamers that have already played 1.5 million games since its release in January 2022. The platform is continuously being updated and upgraded. Just recently, SIDUS HEROES migrated to a new graphics engine and its low entry barrier (comparatively for NFT games) is thanks to its use of WebGL technology.

You can learn more about how to enter this exciting metaverse here. Be sure to stay tuned to our social media for more details on this thrilling collaboration!


SIDUS HEROES is a futuristic, next-generation, AAA+, browser gaming metaverse. As you Play-to-Earn in this NFT MMORPG, you have the opportunity to rule SIDUS Central Station with your guild. Join the SIDUS DAO Metaverse today to play, craft and earn.

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